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Executive Director & Founder Of Bloom Empowerment
Jacqueline Fernandez
"Bloom Empowerment is a non-profit organization,
that focuses on the support and development of Women"

Never Lose "HOPE..."


As Executive Director and Founder of Bloom Empowerment, Jacqueline Fernandez brings over 10 years of experience with the NYC Department of Education as a Parent coordinator/Community Associate. She has managed several programs designed to enhance the quality of life for children and families. In 2019, Ms. Fernandez left the job that she loved helping NYC youth and parents navigate the educational system due to a toxic work relationship with her direct supervisor. This situation left her feeling helpless, depressed, and jobless. Fortunately, Ms. Fernandez found her way out of this hopelessness and began her journey to help empower other people, especially single mothers. As a single mother, Ms. Fernandez understands the challenges of motherhood and is  determined to do what she can to support other mothers faced with similar situations.


Ms. Fernandez advocates for marginalized communities supporting voters' rights and fighting for social justice and gender equality. Ms. Fernandez has been recognized for her passion for establishing relationships in disenfranchised communities, building bridges for underserved populations, and serving as an advocate for those whose voices will never be heard. In 2020, she received the Congressional Certificate of Recognition as the Hometown Hero from Congressman Josh Gottheimer. This award acknowledged her excellence in service and leadership and exemplary commitment to the community and improving the lives of others. Ms. Fernandez is a bright light in every room that she walks in. She embodies displaying compassion and kindness in everything that she does and is relentless in her quest to help transform people's lives positively.


Our vision at Bloom Empowerment has always been to empower every woman and youth for a better life by providing the necessary support structure needed to attain the next heights of their dreams. And we’re happy to say that so far, we’ve been encouraged by how much we’ve impacted the lives of a lot of people in our community.

Where We Want To Be

We are hoping to continue to expand our reach, so hopefully, we’ll touch more lives and empower more communities

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